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African Grey Parrot Scam – Full Transcript

I’ve just turned myself into an investigative reporter. I started with the Google search: “African Grey Parrots for Sale in Iowa.” Got to a website: (don’t go there) Found and responded via email to the following two ads: IMPORTANT NOTE: BOTH ADS LISTED IN THEIR CONTACT INFO AS BEING LOCATED IN IOWA CITY, IOWA Two … Continue reading »

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An Inconvenient Truth

“The Oscar® winning documentary that made global warming the number one topic of conversation.” – Anyone who hasn’t watched this video should do so. Without commenting on the science (which some opponents have questioned), the documentary is well worth the hour and a half, and will get you thinking about the effects of our collective … Continue reading »

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Carbon Dioxide and pH Balance

Excessive carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is largely absorbed by the worlds oceans. This changes the pH balance in the water. Anyone with a fish tank knows what happens when the pH balance goes awry. I’m also posting this under conservation, but I was first clued into this issue because of something called coral bleaching. … Continue reading »

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Why Focus on Conservation?

These things have always bothered me: How much paper I shred daily Ashtrays made of gorilla paws Commercial whaling vessels Pollution factories (and how they get away with it?) If anyone called me a tree hugging dirt worshiper, I’d say, “Thank you. I pride myself on that.” Beyond the above, I get stirred up about … Continue reading »

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