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Posted by on October 8, 2012
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Bob Ward

Fiction author with a zest for adventure travel. Blogs, tweets, videos, and pins for research and fun. He also hosts Ward's Adventure Travel Research & Trip Journal, a weekly podcast available on EFN, iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and more.

Time flies.

Things change.

In my twenties and early thirties, my buddies and I got together much more frequently to embark on motorcycle trips. Now, kids have come into the equation for all of us and changed our priorities. While we still fantasize about taking many hard-core adventures, our reality is that we rarely carve out time for these because family time seems more precious to us. We take family vacations now. We buy family vehicles. We spend our money on family activities. If this changes once our kids are grown, which I believe it will (the empty nest concept), we may all come back to having time to re-enact the manly adventures of our youth. But for now, our decisions must center on family first, buddies second.

I was reminded something last night, which leads me to writing this post. My son is 10. My daughter is 8. I have 4-10 years left with them before they fly away into adulthood. I need to give them everything I can of my time and attention now.

When I asked my son which bike he thought I should have, he said flatly, “Get the dirt bike.” When I explained to him the logic of a GS, he got a disappointed look in his eyes. The GS crushes his dream of riding the local trails and camping with me in the woods. Him on is his bike, me on mine.

So let me further project just 4 years into the future…

At 14, he’ll be able to ride a 250. By 16, a DR-Z400s. He will not be able to afford a large adventure touring bike of the GS class. So my having one does him no good past that age (he won’t want to ride pillion with me anymore after age 12, I’m reasonably sure).

So my question is this…

What’s the best bike for a dad?

And here’s the answer…

If dad buys the bikes, and if dad buys the trailer, and if dad buys the tow vehicle (as well as pay for all the gas, the campground fees, the food, and everything else), then the family can take motorcycle adventures well into the future.

I need to invest in the family.

2-4 dirt bikes, a trailer for hauling, a tow vehicle.

Then, we camp locally on the weekends, and take a family adventure trip once or twice a year.

This should also please motospeedy, who would gladly allow me to haul his XR650 to Colorado, Death Valley, Etc., since I have the equipment anyway.

So let’s consider the DR-Z400S the best choice for Bob Ward, given that he’ll also own a trailer, a tow vehicle, and up to 4 other dirt bikes of various sizes for his family.

This is a cost versus benefits analysis–and the verdict goes to smaller bikes, more of them, and more of my treasured peeps in tow. For the price of one GS, I can finance several years worth of adventure for my immediate family, as well as have the support vehicles necessary for the occasional Rider Company trip to Death Valley or Colorado or Canada, Etc.

With all things considered, Bob Ward is on this earth to support more than just himself. That is the way he’s designed his life. That is the way he likes it.

Look forward to seeing pictures of a DR-Z400S and an enclosed motorcycle trailer in Bob Ward’s near future.

Let no more time that flies be wasted.

Let no more things that change be ignored.

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