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035 South Rim Loop and Chisos Mountain Lodge

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Posted by on December 26, 2014
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Bob Ward

Fiction author with a zest for adventure travel. Blogs, tweets, videos, and pins for research and fun. He also hosts Ward's Adventure Travel Research & Trip Journal, a weekly podcast available on EFN, iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and more.

We discuss a 2 day, 1 night backpacking hike called the South Rim Loop in Big Bend National Park. The trailhead is just south of Chisos Mountain Lodge. Day 1 is a 5.25 miles ascent along Laguna Meadow Trail to a campsite along the Southwest Rim. Day 2 is an 8.6 mile descent back to the lodge via Pinnacles Trail.  (Sidenote: We will probably need to take Boot Canyon Trail on the descent–rather than Southeast and Northeast Rim Trails–due to peregrine falcon closure dates.) We called the Chisos Mountain Lodge and made reservations, which we recorded live, and so we have set a firm travel date around the week of February 20th. We made a lot of progress on this episode, and although it ended up longer than most, it’s chock full of details.

In this episode, I present to dad the “South Rim Loop” hike, an overnight backpacking hike in the Chisos Mountains, departing from the Chisos Basin Trailheads and Parking Lot (near the Chisos Mountain Lodge). Day 1, ascend 1884 feet in 5.25 miles. Day 2, loop back and decend for 8.6 miles. Promises incredible views and possible black bear sightings in Boot Canyon. 

I discoverd the South Rim Loop in E. Dan Klepper’s book 100 Classic Hikes in Texas.

Search Google for “Chisos Mountain Lodge” to get amazing satellite images of the surrounding topography in Big Bend National Park.

Chisos Mountain Satellite 1

Chisos Mountain Satellite 1 shows a good image of the area. Click for larger image.


Chisos Mountain Satellite 2

Chisos Mountain Satellite 2 shows promising green space. Click for larger image.


Chisos Mountain Satellite 3 only hints at the vast extent of the surrounding desert.

Chisos Mountain Satellite 3 shows part of the surrounding desert. Click for larger image.


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