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009 An Hour’s Worth of Interesting Talk About Adventure Travel

Posted by on April 25, 2014
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Bob Ward

Fiction author with a zest for adventure travel. Blogs, tweets, videos, and pins for research and fun. He also hosts Ward's Adventure Travel Research & Trip Journal, a weekly podcast available on EFN, iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and more.

I am simply amazed by this episode! Why? Because I just listened to the entire hour, and no episode so far has seemed to flow by faster. I would never have imagined that random bits and pieces of talk could move along so quickly and so interestingly. There seems to be an inexhaustible supply of worthwhile, and fascinating, topics encompassed within the broader definition of Adventure Travel. Dad and I have hardly even scratched the surface, I sincerely believe, which bouys my enthusiasm for living to extreme heights! Life is SO good. So is writing. And so is podcasting!

Here’s a full list of topics we discussed, in the order we discussed them:

How we burned up 20 minutes without hitting the record button.

How we saved the listener 20 minutes of repetitive talk.

.357 magnum versus .44 magnum versus bear pepper spray.

Dad’s story about 7 black bears attacking a Florida woman.

Alligator, Crocodile, and Jaguars stories.

How domestic house cats fill their day by stalking yard birds.

Cougars attack from behind.

Bob and Jack’s Anti-Cougar Googly-eye Glasses.

How to used the glasses.

How a backpack can protect you during wild animal attacks.

We decide to get bear pepper spray.

Why have a second canister of bear spray in your pack.

Bears enjoy pepper-flavored humans.

Dragging up the fastest runner fantasy…again.

Handguns are good protection against humans, not animals.

Muggers wear cups because it makes sense.

Muggers need extra pair of leather gloves that don’t fit.

50 lbs is the approximate limit of airline carry-on luggage.

Should a backpacker hang everything off the pack loops?

Deploying bear spray on surly hiking partners.

Peppering and cat-nipping your partner’s backpack. 

Catnip-filled sock clipped to pack loops.

Counter Assault and other brands of bear pepper spray.

Colin Fletcher’s Alaska trip.

How Fletcher used a .357 magnum to bang a pot and scare a bear.

Chance of using gun against an animal is low.

Chance of accidental discharge in someone’s face is high.

How and why an orange cloud of pepper spray deters a bear.

Teaching grizzlies how to properly interact with humans.

Update on podcast stats.

PBS-style begging of listeners to comment, like, and share our show.

What gifts we might offering for such dedicated listeners.

Private membership to the Epic Field Notes Youtube channel.

More videos coming soon.

Steven Spielberg quality videos.

The last 2 seconds of dad’s CM 250 C motorcycle video are the best.

We might add a guest voice line.

Email Bob any questions you have for the show.

Our information is better than Rush Limbaugh’s.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, dad! We’ve heard that story before.”

Kid’s like bedtime stories.

Bob planted the ballpark oak tree acorns he gathered last falls.

Bob’s process in growing oak acorns.

What other adventure travels does dad have in mind?

Getting out on the Mississippi on a boat for three or four days.

Can you reach the Gulf of Mexico via the Mississippi river?

Bob wants to take a motor cycle tour of New Zealand.

Dad brought Jerry Smith’s book on motorcycle adventure.

Trips through exotic beaches in South Pacific.

Scuba diving in Palau.

More talk about setting up camera’s on spring break beaches.

Right here I’m typing the word “Dropcam” so dad remembers.

MSR Hubba tent versus makeshift tarp.

How much does dad’s backpack weigh right now.

What’s in dad’s backpack right now:

  • Frogg Toggs rain poncho
  • Mosquito head net
  • Sawyer water purification system
  • 10 Carabiners
  • Sterno folding stove
  • Duraflame firestart logs
  • (8) four inch stakes.
  • Blue Porcelain coffee cup
  • (2) Sterno cans

All about the Sawyer Water Filter.

Why Bob bought some hankies.

Taking notes with a digital recorder.

Bob’s mule trip transcript is on Epic Field Notes.

Paying for transcription services.

Banter about “Manbags” and “Tactical Manbgs.”

A full inventory of what’s in Bob’s “purse.”

What is sissy about it?

How to be a hoo-rah man by packing heat in your tactical purse.

Even a BB gun.

What the gun salesman recommends for cougar.

Taurus Public Defender takes 4-10 shells and .45 Long Colt shells.

Best way to deal with the 35 foot max range on bear pepper spray.

A Mountain Biker’s Grizzly Bear Bluff Charge video.

Laguna Beach.

Scuba diving and snorkeling in Hawaii.

Interesting conversation about tropical fish, conchs, and eels.

Angel City was the best dive site in Bonaire.

Following conch trails on the white sand sea floor in Bonaire.

The difference between hard coral and soft coral.

Why dive in Fiji and Cancun?

How Bob’s next books is coming along.

Kip Stone is scouting a motorcycle trip around the five Great Lakes.

Bob is editing the book now.

How to review Bob Ward’s books on

Dad says something nice about Bob’s book Sea Turtles.

(Thanks, Dad!)

“I really liked the Sea Turtles one. Sea Turtles was a really good book to me, just sucked me right along.” – Dave Ward

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